Wayfinding and visual identity system of the Wilanów Palace Museum

Identity, Wayfinding, Prints

Designing a signage scheme for the Museum space: the palace, the park and the surrounding area of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów to help visitors self-orientate around the area. The signage system is introduced to order the information space of the historic building and its surroundings and to increase its visual coherence.

wayfinding wilanow palace

In order to clarify the visual information system of the museum, reflecting a multitude of forms, epochs, styles and hues, we’ve limited its range of colours to a minimum. We’ve used two sister typefaces: Clavo and Lelum Sans designed by Michał Jarociński / DadaStudio. On the basis of the structural elements of the Clavo typeface, we’ve built a set of pictograms used on the panels and printed collateral. We’ve analysed the economy of production and how easy the signage is to implement, as well as a large set of existing elements that had to be incorporated into the project.

We’ve transposed the system to other media, namely information leaflets and educational materials. 

Our work: 
Designing indoor and outdoor information panels and directional signs, designing the maps of the palace and park ensemble, printed collateral and posters.

Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów. The Museum's logotype was designed by prof. Maciej Buszewicz.

wilanow siw otoczenie1

wilanow siw otoczenie2

wayfinding wilanow pictograms

wayfinding wilanow pictograms set

wayfinding outdoor signage

wayfinding outdoor signage 4

wayfinding outdoor signage 5

wayfinding outdoor board

tablica informacyjna kasy

wayfinding sigange outdoor

wayfinding wilanow sigange outdoor

wayfinding wayshowing indoor

wayfinding wayshowing pictograms

wilanow tabliczki

wayfinding wayshowing

wayfinding indoor signage

plansza druki

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Plansza druki2